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Mean Bitch

Mean Bitch

The mail is late for the last time. Beautiful Aiden starr brings her vicous personality and gorgeous tits to the mail room to get to the bottom of things.Sz is new, but not new to sucking up to the boss. When she beats his ass with a heavy wooden paddle, it looks like he is going to loose it. But, the anticipation of the beautiful dominatrix banging his ass with her strap-on keeps him in the game long enough to satisfy the hot, demanding bitch.

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Beautiful mistress humbling her male slave

Humble slave gets put on a leash and forced to please his new leggy mistress’s pussy with his tongue. Blonde mistress plays with her two slaves…Sexy brunette with perfect body always turns disobedient guys into obedient dogs. Hot facesitting bitches are smothering their slaves with their juicy asses.


Dissolute mistresses won’t let the fella go until tearing his asshole with strapon – Kinky blonde dominatrix nails her humble crossdressed boy toy in the ass with a massive rubber cock.  Beautiful mistress humbling her masked slave. The hottest femdom vid ever seen

Hot mitress clasps slave’s nipples and tongue with pins keeping her in bondage. Cute and lecherous mistress in pantyhose subjugating her resigned boyfriend. Two hot young dominas use their humble boy toy for pussy- and toe-cleaning. Prurient smoking babe loves making guys feel as if they were her slaves. Severe blonde mistress pushing fist deep inside her slave’s tight asshole

Gorgeous blonde slut turning her inattentive employee into the obedient slave. Kinky policewoman takes her panties off and sits down onto thug’s face making him eat her ass and pussy. Generous mistress lets her boy toy lick her fragrant miniature toes clean and switches on to facesitting him

Tanya makes the slave suffer plenty of humiliations whipping, spitting and so on. Lustful babe in black boots pushing huge strapon inside tight asshole of her slave. This bad boy punished and ask for mercy, but his merciless dominatrix is cruel. The revenge has come!

Sexy frisky babes invite their friend to play with his tight anal hole. Brunette domina whipping and spanking a submissive slave girl in bondage. Balding bear gets his mouth gagged with his young dominatrix’s smelly toes. Strict mistress lashes her disobedient slave and then drills his asshole

Hot brunette mistresses show their power on a fleshy sub guy. He made Mary angry, now his balls are flat like a paper. Adult games. Just look at him moaning with pleasure as his mistress comes whipping the shit out of his bare ass. Stockinged domina puts a boy on a leash and makes him munch her tight asshole. Cute girls compete in cruelness training their new servant on the living-room floor


Beautiful baby takes advantage of the mouth of her bf lying at her feet cleaning her shoes and toes. Brunette mistress plays with slave’ s pussy. Taimer-mistress uses a whip to train two naked tigers kissing her boots. Lustful fella asks the call girl to spank him and then drill his tight anal hole. Her sweet sexy feet will make you fall on your knees. Brutal outdoor torment by marvellous russian mistress Tanya-in-latex. Titty female slave left in bondage with her sticky nipples clasped and wrists cuffed

Facesitting and Femdom Torture

Cruel facesitting mistres suffocating their helpless slave. Full DVD about facesitting, pussy and ass worship. Mistress tugs on a rope coiling her boy toy’s meaty dick and heavy balls till his unit gets stiff and blue with

Deserted ruins match perfectly for a good ol torture game with her slave. Merciless dominatrix chains her slave’s ankles and stretches his asshole with a massive strap-on and her fist

Brutal CFNM domination scene with a submissive daddy and perverted blonde mistress starring. After laughing at his small dick cruel babes make naked guy lick their feet. Submissive slave pushes strapon deep into his throat after insane ass fuck


A couple of cruel brunettes has no mercy for their sub freak. Gorgeous girl tied up and spanked.  Scary uncensored pictures featuring insane act of real female domination. Submissive office freak licks feet and takes huge strap-on in the asshole

She loves to play kinky games with foreigners. 2 women in short skirts trample a fat office clerk bruising him. Domina torture slave and trample. Severe Misstress enjoys riding and torturing her older servant.

Young mistress makes her slave try her stockings on and pees onto his face. Miserable freak licks pee of his mistress off from the floor and cleans her wet pussy. Sexy exotic mistress from the East makes her slave lick her hole before pissing onto his bare chest



Merciless Policewoman Femdom

Merciless policewoman makes a thug admit all his crimes with the help of brutal CBT and trampling. Hot babe with nice feet gets pleased while that fella is sucking her toes around

Two sexy ladies spank a bastard and make him lick their feet. Domina prepares her slave girls to ride on them outdoors like on horses. Two masterful latex ladies torturing their leashed slave.

Latex mistress feeds her naked freak somewhere in ruines spitting chewed apple at him. Merciless bossy bitch in high-heeled boots tramples her slave’s belly and cock before stepping on his throat. Submissive guy with tied up hands is ready to do everything his mistress orders

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Kinky dominatrix drilling slave’s anal hole with strapon after hard fisting. Miss fucking her slave with a huge strapon after a golden rain. Get my feet in your mouth slave, and make a dinner! Smoking blonde domina humiliates her boytoy before switching on to perverted cock and ball torture

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Cruel Femdom Mistress Anna


Mistress Anna forces freak to sniff shoes and suck feet

Two mistresses cocoon an obedient female slave before heartless training

Beautiful dominatrix shows her boy toy what real humiliation is by filling his mouth with her steamy piss


Young slave drives his mistress mad by failing to lick her feet right and gets flogged by her

2 richmans daughters feed worker with their socks and pee into his mouth

This is a wild collection that includes all types of femdom, from cock control to facesitting to strap-ons. Some of the scenes focus more on feet, some on delivering actual pain, and others are more of a tease. You’ll find 3 girls on 1 guys, you’ll find one on one sex, and all types of fetish sex. The scenes from their wild collection of sites and they do a great job at giving members a little taste of each site.You can see more of her and others too when you download the high quality full-length videos that we have waiting for you

Zitas hard femdom caning

Zitas hard femdom caning at Cruel Mistresses


Extreme female domination, male bondage and pure agony from the cane of Mistress Zita. She is relentless. Hitting at full force with the cane. Bruising his ass. Making him cry. Making him bleed. Making him suffer.

Mistress Zita is the one only male painsluts want to meet. She owns no mercy. But pretty of fury and spite. Anything she can do to take advantage of her dominant position. That is exactly what she will do. Pain is her pleasure – her whimpering male slaves pain!

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Femdom cock and ball torture

Listening is not your best feature schreeuwd Angela at her slave. Alex may not do much good and must only pay with pain! Tepeklemmen first and then be clamped are balls. Lick the floor lazy dog! The task is clear. Alex must obey or he will spend hours chained in a cold basement into a steel rack!

Femdom cock and ball torture, cbt, for Alex and Gert


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It’s almost Christmas, Gert, I’m going to make a beautiful Christmas tree balls.
The clips prints off on your scrotum baby? No, OK ON THE GROUND! I have been nice enough, lick my feet! Gert precisely follows the commands of his mistress. Are you absolutely good for nothing! Gert must be ready mistress lick and should not aanzichzelf. brrr

Click, Pay, Stroke!

Available now at Divine Bitches: Click, Pay, Stroke!

This weeks update is the jam packed edited version of the LIVE click, pay, stroke show where the members determined the outcome of the shoot! Madeline puts you through the paces and controls your orgasm POV style while John goes through his with whipping, single tail, humiliation, CFMN, foot worship, foot job, tease and denial, strap on ass fucking, prostate milking, ass worship and much more!

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New Meat Test Drive

Available now at Divine Bitches: New Meat Test Drive

James Riker was so eager to shoot for Divine Bitches that he showed up to his casting call in a suit. Anyone that tries that hard has got to be fun to take for a test drive. We give James one chance and one chance only throwing him one of our hottest resident dommes, Mistress Gia Dimarco! He’s spanked, whipped, fucked in the ass in suspension, slapped in a chastity belt getting only so close to Mistress Dimarco’s beautiful pussy but only being allowed to lickher sweaty asshole and so much more!

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Teased and Denied Euro Slave Cock

Our eastern European expeditions continue with Mistress Lorelei Lee at an old meat factory in the countryside of the Czech Republic where Fetish Liza, part of our European Divine Bitch sector, has left one lucky euro slave boy naked and bound in the cold for Lorelei to test out. These men have never had women like Mistress Lorelei Lee, a true California beauty, tease their cocks before and their cocks don’t lie! With every slash of the whip Ivo just gets harder and harder until he’s drooling all over himself. He’s made to worship her fine ass in pantyhose and gets strap-on ass fucked and his cock is still hard as a rock!

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At some point Lorelei decides she must put him through the ultimate challenge and she mummifies him on the train tracks with only his cock and his mouth stuffed with a dildo gag exposed. She rides that dildo on his face so close that he can smell the sex emanating from her delicious cunt. His dick is throbbing at this point but unlucky for him and much to Lorelei’s enjoyment the train is coming and either he cums or he is left bound on the tracks for the ultimate denial!