Serving Mistress Amanda – Pt3

Julia nodded and said that is going to be loads of fun. Julia dressed me and made remarks about me looking like a slut. I felt very embarrassed but very excited. Domina Amanda sat and watched, smoking slowly as she did so, afterward place the wig on me as well as conferred with the new woman.

What about make up? she asked

Oh certainly, He’ll look like a such a whore.

They then proceeded to put on eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. Julia was giggling the entire time. I felt like a child actually being embarrassed by the older girls. Used as a barbie doll. When they were finished they marched me over to the mirror.

What do you imagine slave? Domina Amanda asked

I could just nod.

look at his cock bulging, it! is loved by him! You care about being the perfect little slut don’t you. asked Julia as she relocated behind me. She slipped her hands underneath the blouse I was using and felt my so called breasts.

you’re such and slut and we’re going to use you like a slut hushed Julia as she forcefully pulled my face around and kissed me hard and deep.

The two females then sat on the bed and explained to experience them.

Dance for us you slut, like a stripper would. said Domina Amanda.

I nervously laughed but I did not feel as if laughing.

These days, you whore! said Julia enjoying the strength she’d over me.

I started dancing, working to maintain the balance of mine in the significant high heels they had put on me.

Julia, did I tell you Andrew is flipped on by smoking? Domina Amanda asked. Julia smiled a kinky look after which proceeded to light up.

Ooooh Andy, does the turn you on honey? Is your cock hard? She stood up as well as, very slowly,made a motion like to kiss me, looking me right in the eyes the entire time. She then exhaled smoke directly into the mouth of mine without touching her lip area to mine as well as reached down to gently brush my cock. She laughed and sat back down

Ah, I adore to toy with them she said still looking me right in the eyes.

Did I say to stop dancing, slave? Domina Amanda yelled

And dance sexy. Touch yourself a tad too. You might even be rewarded if you do it good.

Yeah rub your pussy and breasts for us they laughed and giggled at my shame and made remarks about my cock showing throughout the skirt. Domina Amanda then reached over to her little black bag and took away a camera.

So that you can’t back from anything we wish to try later, slave. she laughed as she took the photo, we’ll reveal this to everyone you know. Even post it on the net. I nervously nodded and also they reveled in their power over me.

OK enough slave. Go over here beside me. Get on the knees of yours.