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Mistress Emily Punishes

Mistress Emily Is VERY Good With A Cane Her anger is fierce at the men in her past that abused her. She decided to live the life of a DOM FEM, a pro DOMINATRIX. She can now exact her rage and revenge on the male species, which she deems lower than any once celled creature. Her skill with the cane is legendary, and her use of the finger dagger along with her flog brings welts that bleed with her sadistic touch.

Cock and Ball Torture Is Her Favorite Pastime The pain and anguish she deals out is legendary even in hell as her willing victim’s genitals are wrenched, pinched, stomped, tied tightly, cut and other more intense and inventive acts of CBT. Emily wants to make sure her customers get what they paid for, and she must feed the fury that burns in her dark soul. Her play is a cruel game, but the slave boys like it that way it seems….

Mistress Marias Rule – P2

Holding Tom in her hand, she checked out him wickedly, saying, ” Ha, ha, observe the little guy in my hand completely at my mercy!”

” Please don’t harm me!”, begged Tom.

” You’ll do some thing I say or I’ll set at the ground and step on you.”

Terrified, the little male sincerely replied, ” Ok, all right, I’ll do what ever you say!”

Staring away at her little piece of property, she ultimately stated, ” I’ll take you home with me tonight.”

Frightened, yet also curious, he ask, ” What are you gonna do with me?”

” You, together with more guys that I’ll shrink are gonna be my slaves to take care of my rental and my every need, I’ll have masses of fellows at my feet treating me because the goddess I am!”

Next, with general egomania, she yelled, ” I am Woman, free, independent, and maximum of all, superior!”

After uttering her statement, she reached for her handbag, dropped Tom in, and left the constructing.

When she arrived at her car, the lady unlocked the door, got in, reached into her purse, pulled out Tom, and located him atop the passenger seat. Closing the door, she commenced the engine and drove off, heading instantly for domestic. As Tom sat at the seat, he couldn’t help but appearance up to the facet of her ass. ” She’s stunning”, he thought. Thinking further, he stated to himself, ” Not handiest is she my boss at paintings, she’s now the boss, period!” Musing on, part of him truely favored what happened; however, he became nevertheless saturated with worry, for the woman should kill him every time she felt like it.

After a half of hour of driving, she pulled before the condo building. Getting out, she reached over and picked up Tom, setting him into the palm of her left hand. Then, Maria went to the front of the building, walked internal, and took the elevator to the forth floor. Moving down the hall, she reached her condo door, unlocked it, and went interior.

Dominant Beach Babes – Part 1

My Night within the Sun I’ve been operating for a huge employer for the closing ten years. I began out as a junior government directly out of college and finally labored my way up to middle control as the head of the advertising and marketing division two years ago. My paintings require me to travel frequently, I’ve lived in nine one of a kind cities to this point in the course of my career. Perhaps that’s partly why I’ve by no means found the “right” girl to settle down with and marry. Another contributing factor – may be the biggest factor – is that I’m tremendously sexed and really promiscuous, sort of a male nymphomaniac. I’m usually very careful no longer to settlement any social diseases, however, I’ve nevertheless been in a position to enjoy many unique varieties of intercourse with many one-of-a-kind partners, both girl and male. I truly have no preference for any particular kind of interest or fetish – I enjoy it all. In January of this year, I changed into a transfer to San Diego.

Since I most effectively anticipated being here for two years at maximum, I decided to rent an apartment rather than undergo the hassle of trying to shop for a house and then re-sell it years later. I observed an area in a reasonably new apartment complicated in Point Loma which suited my lifestyle superbly – a third ground unit with a big kitchen, a big dwelling room for entertaining, and a balcony that not noted the complex’ swimming pool. I’m very voyeuristic and regarded ahead to having the ability to enjoy the human scenery at the pool when the climate warmed up.

My work kept me pretty busy my first few months here, finally in mid-April things started out to slack off and I located myself with a bit greater unfastened time. I hadn’t had the opportunity to satisfy many humans in my apartment complex yet, so I spent a lot of my unfastened time at domestic alone watching lustfully on the many “ladies subsequent door” who started to common the pool. Two ladies in particular usually showed up at equal time every day, arriving collectively and leaving together. They have been very pleased with every different, continually speaking and joking, however, I by no means noticed them communicate with everybody else. One became a quick brunette, with well-padded hips and thighs – a touch obese and stocky, but no longer flabby. Her boobs have been massive for her top of about 5’2″, and had been typically totally exposed, except for her nipples which she tried to preserve blanketed with the skimpiest string bikini top I’ve ever visible. Her closely cropped hair accredited a clear view of her monumental breasts from all angles.

The backside of the suit she commonly wore changed into cut extremely excessive at the sides, slightly inches of nylon cloth got here down through her crotch, overlaying the crack of her cushiony ass and most of her hairy pubic hairs. Whenever she turned over on the chaise lounge, or unfold her legs hugely enough, the sweaty pink fabric of her suit rode properly up into her crack; making her pussy lips, labia, and anus is plainly seen to me thru the nearly transparent fabric from my vantage point. Her friend, a petite Oriental woman, had nearly no knockers at all, but her nipples, which have to have been at least an inch lengthy, continuously protruded and looked like darkish thimbles stretching the white knit cloth of the one-piece suit she commonly had on. Her lengthy black hair reached all the way down to her ass, despite the fact that she usually kept it pinned to the top of her head. Her feet were very tiny and unblemished, she saved her toenails closely trimmed and continually painted a bright, tasty, attractive red. Her olive pores and skin turned into an immense assessment with her healthy, making her look like a miniature geisha goddess.

The two girls were manifestly very pleasant, as they massaged suntan oil on every different from time to time, they did it oh-so-gently…Much greater of a caress than a purposeful move to use the oil. The Oriental female, mainly when massaging oil at the fat lady’s back and thighs, always lingered a touch longer than become important on those delicious globes of the huge female’s ass..And at the least once, I turned into sure, slipped her dainty index finger below her friend’s in shape, and diddled her anus oh-so-lovingly. Although I didn’t know something approximately either lady, other than what I had seen from my balcony while gambling with my cock, I convinced myself that they were likely dykes. They were never with any guys and appeared to be too friendly to be mere acquaintances. This went on for several weeks, every day I spied on the one’s tasty creatures even as sitting on my balcony, a lager in a single hand and my dick in the other. I was too fearful to approach them; after all, they had been possibly gay, and I didn’t need to threaten a rejection. Anyhow, I became playing my solitary fantasizing, and I guess I didn’t need to chance to have my fantasies shattered either. One Saturday in mid-May, I finished paintings strangely early, went out on my balcony, and started consuming beer a bit in advance than I usually did. My fantasy girls showed up at their appointed time and planted themselves in their typical nook of the pool area, displaying me a great view of their fantastic knockers and asses.

Mistress Marias Rule – P1

With a Ph.D. In physics, Ms. Maria Walker became a genius, contributing substantially to her area of study. With her continual studies within the shape of be counted, Ms. Walker determined a way to adjust the physical length of any object.

Keeping her novel find a secret, the sexy 5’10″ tall blond determined to use the discovery for her personal private ends. Loving electricity for its own sake, Maria subtle her studies to the factor where she was able to assemble a reduce ray.

After constructing a reduce gun, Maria said to herself in a wicked tone, ” Yea, now I’ll do it, I’ll reduce over a thousand guys and keep the little shits as slaves in my condominium; they’ll exist best for me and my private whims!”

Beginning to carry out her diabolical plan, she began with Tom, the research assistant in her lab. Asking the man to stay past due one evening and assist out with a studies assignment, she waited till everybody else left the constructing. Then, at 7:00 PM, she reached into her handbag, generating the devise. Pointing the issue at Tom, she without delay pulled the trigger, inflicting him to reduce. As the man got smaller and smaller, he commenced screaming, ” Help, what’s going on!”

Smiling, the evil woman exclaimed, ” Great, reduce male, decrease, quickly you’ll be all mine!”

Taking an entire minute, the shrinking in the end stopped with Tom decreased to only 3 inches in height! In fact, the man’s height turned into now shorter than the duration of the pen which became mendacity beside him, the pen he dropped whilst getting smaller and smaller.

Delighted to the point of euphoria, Maria stood towering above him, dressed in her horny military blue skirt healthy collectively along with her stockings and black pumps. Not best did she appear dominating to Tom, however she glaringly radiated a better splendor that the person couldn’t assist but notice. After staring down at him sadistically for a few moments, she squatted and picked him up through the arm, standing up once more with little Tom dangling between her finger tips. Pulling off all his clothes, she certainly threw them away. Being small and naked inside the palm of her amazing hand, Tom noticed Maria to be a giantess, a goddess, a vastly superior being capable of doing whatever with him that she pleased!

Femdom Pleasures

The secret behind good BDSM is that everyone gets pleasure, and nobody takes more pleasure from BDSM than the beautiful Isis – ably assisted by her willing male slave Sean at

Full movie at Devil Dommes

The secret behind smart BDSM is that everybody gets pleasure, and no-one takes a lot of pleasure from BDSM than the attractive Isis – aptly power-assisted by her willing male slave Sean.

Femdomme Puppy Training

Slave Jason again endeavours to please the vinyl clad diva as Madame starts his training as her obedient puppy dog. As the slavering hound starts to stick his nose into Madame’s crotch, she distracts the naughty dog with some boot worship and the odd sharp slap.

Mythical beings and femdommes once more strives to teach their puppy slaves a lesson. Jason, eager to please the vinyl-clad prima donna as lady starts his coaching as her obedient puppy dog. because the slavering hound starts to stick his nose into Madame’s crotch, she distracts the naughty dog with some boot worship and therefore the odd sharp slap.

From Devil Dommes

Cruel Female Dominants

If you’re a fan of female domination and male submission this is the site you’ve been waiting for. Here at you’ll be treated to hordes of female domination and male submission. Watch as these horny femme fatales get the best of men as they torture them with whipping chains, metals and strap on dildo.

See how these dominating sluts slap and humiliate guys by torturing them and drilling their asses with strap on dildos. Watch and be mesmerized as to how these guys beg for mercy; watch them shrill and twist in pain.

The site’s presentation is good. It gives the viewers sets of clear pictures and videos to let the viewers know what they’re getting themselves into. The only thing I found bad on this site is that it does not and I repeat… it does not have thumbnails at all. There is also no available description about the videos. All you get to see on the first page are sets of pictures. And this kind of sets me back a bit. Because you don’t get to see what else is there.

Femdom Abuse features pictures and videos of extreme torture, punishment and female domination of all forms and hardcore action. There are no pop ups on this site so you don’t have to worry about irritating pop ups coming out of the blue while you’re enjoying your favorite hardcore fetish video.

Another downside to this site is it’s expensive membership fees. A 3 – day trial will cost you $4.95; a recurring monthly membership fee costs about $34.95; and a multi monthly membership (good for 3 months recurring) is about $74.95. For me that is a bit of a stretch because there are a lot of female domination sites that offer almost the same videos and pictures but at such a lower rate than this one.

On the other hand, its high cost is complemented somehow because this site does not have leased pictures or videos; so all its videos and pictures are all exclusive on this site. There ain’t nothing else like it in the internet…and that is a plus.

Aside from treating you to lots of original pictures and videos on this site, your membership also allows you access to 62 other sites. I guess that explains why the membership costs a lot.

All its pictures and videos are of very clear quality and you won’t regret having signed up for it.

This site is all about your enjoyment. See how these nasty lasses use whips, chains, handcuffs, ropes and more female domination. Watch as they abuse their male prey’s every limb. All of these are available for your viewing pleasure.

Watch these tight latex clad horny dames as they punish their men. This site literally lives up to its name… female domination abuse. That is what everything is about on this site. For once, see how these sluts get the best of men as they humiliate them and torture them to pure ecstasy.

Enslaved To The Mistress

How long had he been here?
It felt like hours but it was probably only minutes. It would have helped if he was able to see but the black satin hood had put pay to that. The room was warm and comfortable against his naked flesh but his arms were beginning to ache from being strung up above his head.
Then suddenly an odour filled his nostrils. Her smell, her perfume, she was here. Immediately he felt his cock begin to stiffen as the blood of excitement filled its length. It became so hard that it ached. She said nothing but he knew that she would be pleased by his obedience. He knew she would be very pleased by his show of affection. And so he waited, quietly, daring not to speak, waiting for his Mistress to command him. And while he waited he wondered what sort of mood she would be in. Another aroma mixed with her perfume, it was the smell of her sex as it slowly moistened.
“Good morning my little prince, I see you are pleased to see us..” she said.
He flinched, ‘oh dear god they were both here’. And that meant his Mistress was extremely horny and very hungry. She would require a lot of pleasuring this morning and that meant pain for him…
Delicious, filthy, erotic pain. Followed by pleasure. A pleasure that was indescribable. A pleasure so pure that it would take him to the brink of sanity and back.
“Have you been a good boy little prince?” she enquired.
And then before he could answer he felt the first sting of the leather tails across his firm buttocks..


She moved her finger slowly in small circles and relished at the low guttural groan which emanated from the boy. The fire that raged within her crotch was nearly unbearable. How she longed to feel his long hard cock that currently throbbed in front of her face plunge deep into her soaking wet cunt.

But that would have to wait.

Her accomplice stood over the boy occasionally using the small leather switch on his cock. Every time the thin straps lashed his member he let a small yelp of pain.

“Oh my little prince… you see how the pleasure from having me massage your prostrate, mixes so sweetly with the pain of the switch. I told you it would be exquisite.. and Mistress did not lie did she?”
“No Mistress!” the boy blurted out obviously struggling to hold onto his orgasm. It was the first time he had allowed anybody into his anus and the mixture of pleasure and pain was exhilarating.

“Just a little longer my love, just hold on a little longer and then I will let you cum” she whispered. Her other hand began to slowly touch herself, slowly rubbing the walls of her labia. She knew really she should restrain herself but she also knew that the sight of her masturbating whilst fingering the boy’s arse would drive him even closer to the edge.

The boy watched and groaned as his Mistress’s finger plunged deeper into her own cunt.
“Are you ready little prince, would you like to cum?”
“Pleeeeease!” he groaned.

Then quickening the movement of her fingers she leant forward and whispered in his ear “Then cum my love… cum hard for your Mistress”
The boy didn’t need to be told twice and immediately spurted forth five or six violent jets of hot creamy cum.

As he did his eyes rolled in his sockets and he said simply “I love you Mistress..

Mean Bitch

Mean Bitch

The mail is late for the last time. Beautiful Aiden starr brings her vicous personality and gorgeous tits to the mail room to get to the bottom of things.Sz is new, but not new to sucking up to the boss. When she beats his ass with a heavy wooden paddle, it looks like he is going to loose it. But, the anticipation of the beautiful dominatrix banging his ass with her strap-on keeps him in the game long enough to satisfy the hot, demanding bitch.

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