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Cruel Femdom Mistress Anna


Mistress Anna forces freak to sniff shoes and suck feet

Two mistresses cocoon an obedient female slave before heartless training

Beautiful dominatrix shows her boy toy what real humiliation is by filling his mouth with her steamy piss


Young slave drives his mistress mad by failing to lick her feet right and gets flogged by her

2 richmans daughters feed worker with their socks and pee into his mouth

This is a wild collection that includes all types of femdom, from cock control to facesitting to strap-ons. Some of the scenes focus more on feet, some on delivering actual pain, and others are more of a tease. You’ll find 3 girls on 1 guys, you’ll find one on one sex, and all types of fetish sex. The scenes from their wild collection of sites and they do a great job at giving members a little taste of each site.You can see more of her and others too when you download the high quality full-length videos that we have waiting for you

Zitas hard femdom caning

Zitas hard femdom caning at Cruel Mistresses


Extreme female domination, male bondage and pure agony from the cane of Mistress Zita. She is relentless. Hitting at full force with the cane. Bruising his ass. Making him cry. Making him bleed. Making him suffer.

Mistress Zita is the one only male painsluts want to meet. She owns no mercy. But pretty of fury and spite. Anything she can do to take advantage of her dominant position. That is exactly what she will do. Pain is her pleasure – her whimpering male slaves pain!

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Femdom cock and ball torture

Listening is not your best feature schreeuwd Angela at her slave. Alex may not do much good and must only pay with pain! Tepeklemmen first and then be clamped are balls. Lick the floor lazy dog! The task is clear. Alex must obey or he will spend hours chained in a cold basement into a steel rack!

Femdom cock and ball torture, cbt, for Alex and Gert


Photo by

It’s almost Christmas, Gert, I’m going to make a beautiful Christmas tree balls.
The clips prints off on your scrotum baby? No, OK ON THE GROUND! I have been nice enough, lick my feet! Gert precisely follows the commands of his mistress. Are you absolutely good for nothing! Gert must be ready mistress lick and should not aanzichzelf. brrr

Kinky Mistress

This is Peter, as you can see he has put in place and now he must wait for the next step of his mistress, he can lick her today? It seems now as not to because he gets a few hard taps on his ass and his anus fingered by his mistress! Come look beyond what Peter must all undergo in his cell!


Photo by Devil Dommes

This is John, he wants only too happy to do good things for his mistress, but that is not easily pleased! Boot licking until he glimd Jan! Yes, he ruined it by smearing excess saliva. Then the whip over it and must listen bitch, or you go to the cross and you will be there of joys! Jan does his shirt off quickly and surrenders to his mistress!

Herman is a fucking slave. If he gives a little counteract it is his turn. Hermans mistress is very strict. You’re such a horny pig herman! Fuck with your penis respirator, but Herman bakes nothing of it! Herman gets a chain around his scrotum and is thus bound for punishment. Now the bamboo stick on his back! Take this!!

Horny mistress ties her sexy slaves

Horny mistress ties her sexy slaves hands behind his back and stretches his asshole with a humongous strap-on. Sexy blonde mistress pissing on her slave after insane facesitting action

Fascinating smoking mistress is ready to punish the disobedient guy with strapon. Sweet begining ended up lying in his own bed and hogtied with scorching drops. Tough girls will smash cheeky bastard on an abandoned suburban farm

A perfect man for a truly merciless asian dominatrix! Beautiful blonde mistress lets her spike heel slide into her slave’s asshole after wild strap-on femdom fucking. Came to Russia? Local ladies will show you your place


Busty brunette feeding the slave with strapon before insane ass fuck. Blonde masterful housewife trampling and humiliating her husband. Naked slave sitting on a chair in an old run-down building withstands a kinky bondage torture from his mistresses. Strict mistress trains big-boosted slave whipping her sticky nipples and round ass

Slave girl licks mistress’ s shoes. Horny young domina drags her feminized slave to the shower and empties her bladder into his mouth. Female slave acting as mistress. Naughty leather mistress getting dressed



Click, Pay, Stroke!

Available now at Divine Bitches: Click, Pay, Stroke!

This weeks update is the jam packed edited version of the LIVE click, pay, stroke show where the members determined the outcome of the shoot! Madeline puts you through the paces and controls your orgasm POV style while John goes through his with whipping, single tail, humiliation, CFMN, foot worship, foot job, tease and denial, strap on ass fucking, prostate milking, ass worship and much more!

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New Meat Test Drive

Available now at Divine Bitches: New Meat Test Drive

James Riker was so eager to shoot for Divine Bitches that he showed up to his casting call in a suit. Anyone that tries that hard has got to be fun to take for a test drive. We give James one chance and one chance only throwing him one of our hottest resident dommes, Mistress Gia Dimarco! He’s spanked, whipped, fucked in the ass in suspension, slapped in a chastity belt getting only so close to Mistress Dimarco’s beautiful pussy but only being allowed to lickher sweaty asshole and so much more!

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Teased and Denied Euro Slave Cock

Our eastern European expeditions continue with Mistress Lorelei Lee at an old meat factory in the countryside of the Czech Republic where Fetish Liza, part of our European Divine Bitch sector, has left one lucky euro slave boy naked and bound in the cold for Lorelei to test out. These men have never had women like Mistress Lorelei Lee, a true California beauty, tease their cocks before and their cocks don’t lie! With every slash of the whip Ivo just gets harder and harder until he’s drooling all over himself. He’s made to worship her fine ass in pantyhose and gets strap-on ass fucked and his cock is still hard as a rock!

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At some point Lorelei decides she must put him through the ultimate challenge and she mummifies him on the train tracks with only his cock and his mouth stuffed with a dildo gag exposed. She rides that dildo on his face so close that he can smell the sex emanating from her delicious cunt. His dick is throbbing at this point but unlucky for him and much to Lorelei’s enjoyment the train is coming and either he cums or he is left bound on the tracks for the ultimate denial!

Garden of Submission: Sandra Romain Returns!

Garden of Submission: Sandra Romain Returns!

Eastern European Expeditions Continue! Maitresse Madeline has recently arrived in Prague and calls her good friend, Sandra Romain looking for worthy slaves. Sandra puts her garden boy through trials of pain play to see if he’s good enough to present to the ruthless Maitresse. Outside, on her expansive manor house property Sandra beats Martin into submission using some of Maitresse’s favorite tools. Nipple torture, CBT, dunking, electro play, strap-on fucking, and ass worship are just a few of the depraved acts Sandra chooses to test Martin’s ability to serve.

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Submitting To A Goddess

Submitting To A Goddess

Aiden Starr breaks in adorable newcomer Cliff Adams and shows him the hard way how sometimes getting everything you wish for isn’t always an easy task. Watch as Cliff is beat to submission and unfortunately for him looses his load way too early and must pay the price. Hard femdom, humiliation, chastity, torture, strap-on anal, fucking and more!

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