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The Escort Mistress Of Paris

Towering over you in latex. Holding a whip. You are tied down. The divine being above you holds a devious grin. You are in the hands of the escort Paris Mistress Anna. A commanding figure, a disciplinary view on life and expertise in everything kink makes her the prime Goddess of Paris

Mistress Anna rules the dungeons as Femdom escort of 08e arrondissement de Paris and she is willing to invite you in. With a passion for roleplaying games, creative punishments and long term bondage sessions she has every perversion and kink in her arsenal. It will be truly kinky, rather wild and fully enjoyable!

The 8th district of Paris is the base of her dungeon. Enter if you dare by venturing through the beautiful streets to meet your new female ruler. From there on in you are fully at her mercy!

Femdom Supreme of Paris

The Paris mistress Anna is well known on the BDSM scene for her experience, sadism and devious mind. Take a look at a few of her likings:

Discipline and training: deprivation, humiliation, gender exploration.

Slavery and coercion: cuffs, retractors, collar, face sitting, human furniture.

Sensory deprivation and Pain: nipple torture, blindfolds, gag, mask, waxing.

Special fetishes: shoes and boots, gloves, leather and latex clothing, smoking, tights, stockings, waterplay.

Do you have erotic fantasies about submitting to a woman? Mistress Anna can guide you all regardless if you are experienced or a complete newbie.

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