Femdomme Puppy Training

Slave Jason again endeavours to please the vinyl clad diva as Madame starts his training as her obedient puppy dog. As the slavering hound starts to stick his nose into Madame’s crotch, she distracts the naughty dog with some boot worship and the odd sharp slap.

Mythical beings and femdommes once more strives to teach their puppy slaves a lesson. Jason, eager to please the vinyl-clad prima donna as lady starts his coaching as her obedient puppy dog. because the slavering hound starts to stick his nose into Madame’s crotch, she distracts the naughty dog with some boot worship and therefore the odd sharp slap.

From Devil Dommes

Cruel Female Dominants

If you’re a fan of female domination and male submission this is the site you’ve been waiting for. Here at femdomabuse.com you’ll be treated to hordes of female domination and male submission. Watch as these horny femme fatales get the best of men as they torture them with whipping chains, metals and strap on dildo.

See how these dominating sluts slap and humiliate guys by torturing them and drilling their asses with strap on dildos. Watch and be mesmerized as to how these guys beg for mercy; watch them shrill and twist in pain.

The site’s presentation is good. It gives the viewers sets of clear pictures and videos to let the viewers know what they’re getting themselves into. The only thing I found bad on this site is that it does not and I repeat… it does not have thumbnails at all. There is also no available description about the videos. All you get to see on the first page are sets of pictures. And this kind of sets me back a bit. Because you don’t get to see what else is there.

Femdom Abuse features pictures and videos of extreme torture, punishment and female domination of all forms and hardcore action. There are no pop ups on this site so you don’t have to worry about irritating pop ups coming out of the blue while you’re enjoying your favorite hardcore fetish video.

Another downside to this site is it’s expensive membership fees. A 3 – day trial will cost you $4.95; a recurring monthly membership fee costs about $34.95; and a multi monthly membership (good for 3 months recurring) is about $74.95. For me that is a bit of a stretch because there are a lot of female domination sites that offer almost the same videos and pictures but at such a lower rate than this one.

On the other hand, its high cost is complemented somehow because this site does not have leased pictures or videos; so all its videos and pictures are all exclusive on this site. There ain’t nothing else like it in the internet…and that is a plus.

Aside from treating you to lots of original pictures and videos on this site, your membership also allows you access to 62 other sites. I guess that explains why the membership costs a lot.

All its pictures and videos are of very clear quality and you won’t regret having signed up for it.

This site is all about your enjoyment. See how these nasty lasses use whips, chains, handcuffs, ropes and more female domination. Watch as they abuse their male prey’s every limb. All of these are available for your viewing pleasure.

Watch these tight latex clad horny dames as they punish their men. This site literally lives up to its name… female domination abuse. That is what everything is about on this site. For once, see how these sluts get the best of men as they humiliate them and torture them to pure ecstasy.

Enslaved To The Mistress

How long had he been here?
It felt like hours but it was probably only minutes. It would have helped if he was able to see but the black satin hood had put pay to that. The room was warm and comfortable against his naked flesh but his arms were beginning to ache from being strung up above his head.
Then suddenly an odour filled his nostrils. Her smell, her perfume, she was here. Immediately he felt his cock begin to stiffen as the blood of excitement filled its length. It became so hard that it ached. She said nothing but he knew that she would be pleased by his obedience. He knew she would be very pleased by his show of affection. And so he waited, quietly, daring not to speak, waiting for his Mistress to command him. And while he waited he wondered what sort of mood she would be in. Another aroma mixed with her perfume, it was the smell of her sex as it slowly moistened.
“Good morning my little prince, I see you are pleased to see us..” she said.
He flinched, ‘oh dear god they were both here’. And that meant his Mistress was extremely horny and very hungry. She would require a lot of pleasuring this morning and that meant pain for him…
Delicious, filthy, erotic pain. Followed by pleasure. A pleasure that was indescribable. A pleasure so pure that it would take him to the brink of sanity and back.
“Have you been a good boy little prince?” she enquired.
And then before he could answer he felt the first sting of the leather tails across his firm buttocks..


She moved her finger slowly in small circles and relished at the low guttural groan which emanated from the boy. The fire that raged within her crotch was nearly unbearable. How she longed to feel his long hard cock that currently throbbed in front of her face plunge deep into her soaking wet cunt.

But that would have to wait.

Her accomplice stood over the boy occasionally using the small leather switch on his cock. Every time the thin straps lashed his member he let a small yelp of pain.

“Oh my little prince… you see how the pleasure from having me massage your prostrate, mixes so sweetly with the pain of the switch. I told you it would be exquisite.. and Mistress did not lie did she?”
“No Mistress!” the boy blurted out obviously struggling to hold onto his orgasm. It was the first time he had allowed anybody into his anus and the mixture of pleasure and pain was exhilarating.

“Just a little longer my love, just hold on a little longer and then I will let you cum” she whispered. Her other hand began to slowly touch herself, slowly rubbing the walls of her labia. She knew really she should restrain herself but she also knew that the sight of her masturbating whilst fingering the boy’s arse would drive him even closer to the edge.

The boy watched and groaned as his Mistress’s finger plunged deeper into her own cunt.
“Are you ready little prince, would you like to cum?”
“Pleeeeease!” he groaned.

Then quickening the movement of her fingers she leant forward and whispered in his ear “Then cum my love… cum hard for your Mistress”
The boy didn’t need to be told twice and immediately spurted forth five or six violent jets of hot creamy cum.

As he did his eyes rolled in his sockets and he said simply “I love you Mistress..

Mistress Mirandas Femdom Services

List of services:
Foot/Boot/Shoe and Heel worship
Foot breath control
Stocking leg worship, bottom worship
Nipple Torture
Electrics – tens (non-mains)
Electrics – Eros Tec 312 with many insertion/attachment devices (non-mains)
Traditional CP – Hand spanking,tawse, paddle, flogger, cane etc
OTK Spanking
Anal Play
Strap-on action
Trampling with stilleto’s

TVs welcome – Large Selection of Sissy Maid dresses and petticoats available
Cross dressing
Maids welcome- especially sissy’s – not 24/7
Genuine finance slaves wanted – to provide Mistress with luxury items
Car valet needed regularly

Mean Bitch

Mean Bitch

The mail is late for the last time. Beautiful Aiden starr brings her vicous personality and gorgeous tits to the mail room to get to the bottom of things.Sz is new, but not new to sucking up to the boss. When she beats his ass with a heavy wooden paddle, it looks like he is going to loose it. But, the anticipation of the beautiful dominatrix banging his ass with her strap-on keeps him in the game long enough to satisfy the hot, demanding bitch.

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Beautiful mistress humbling her male slave

Humble slave gets put on a leash and forced to please his new leggy mistress’s pussy with his tongue. Blonde mistress plays with her two slaves…Sexy brunette with perfect body always turns disobedient guys into obedient dogs. Hot facesitting bitches are smothering their slaves with their juicy asses.


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Facesitting and Femdom Torture

Cruel facesitting mistres suffocating their helpless slave. Full DVD about facesitting, pussy and ass worship. Mistress tugs on a rope coiling her boy toy’s meaty dick and heavy balls till his unit gets stiff and blue with DevilDommes.com

Deserted ruins match perfectly for a good ol torture game with her slave. Merciless dominatrix chains her slave’s ankles and stretches his asshole with a massive strap-on and her fist

Brutal CFNM domination scene with a submissive daddy and perverted blonde mistress starring. After laughing at his small dick cruel babes make naked guy lick their feet. Submissive slave pushes strapon deep into his throat after insane ass fuck


A couple of cruel brunettes has no mercy for their sub freak. Gorgeous girl tied up and spanked.  Scary uncensored pictures featuring insane act of real female domination. Submissive office freak licks feet and takes huge strap-on in the asshole

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Merciless Policewoman Femdom

Merciless policewoman makes a thug admit all his crimes with the help of brutal CBT and trampling. Hot babe with nice feet gets pleased while that fella is sucking her toes around

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zita-hard-femdom-caning-cruel-mistresses thumbnail 20

Kinky dominatrix drilling slave’s anal hole with strapon after hard fisting. Miss fucking her slave with a huge strapon after a golden rain. Get my feet in your mouth slave, and make a dinner! Smoking blonde domina humiliates her boytoy before switching on to perverted cock and ball torture

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Cruel Femdom Mistress Anna


Mistress Anna forces freak to sniff shoes and suck feet

Two mistresses cocoon an obedient female slave before heartless training

Beautiful dominatrix shows her boy toy what real humiliation is by filling his mouth with her steamy piss


Young slave drives his mistress mad by failing to lick her feet right and gets flogged by her

2 richmans daughters feed worker with their socks and pee into his mouth

This is a wild collection that includes all types of femdom, from cock control to facesitting to strap-ons. Some of the scenes focus more on feet, some on delivering actual pain, and others are more of a tease. You’ll find 3 girls on 1 guys, you’ll find one on one sex, and all types of fetish sex. The scenes from their wild collection of sites and they do a great job at giving members a little taste of each site.You can see more of her and others too when you download the high quality full-length videos that we have waiting for you