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Serving Mistress Miranda – Pt1

The story I’m intending to tell is of the very first encounter of mine with a Mistress, just a few months back. I was serious about female domination for a while but hadn’t really thought it possible to live out my fantasies. These were things which happened to folks which are interesting, who already had connections in the Dom/sub scene. It began with a chance encounter in a chatroom on the web. I had finally decided to try and contact people already within the scene. Whilst browsing I came across a chatroom dedicated exclusively to Female Domination. I decided to have the jump and enter in the kitchen and watch what happened. I was instantly greeted by a Domina Amanda. She was really friendly and quickly dispersed any nervousness I had about what I was likely to point out or the way the etiquette of any Domme chatroom went. After telling her I was new to the scene she was eager for me to see her and told me that she will love to become the one to show me the ropes (so to speak). She explained she had been a servant at first and that when she was reduced in it was the best thrilling as well as exhilarating experience of the life of her. She said that she was jealous it was the first time of mine and she had something quite special in mind for me. We organized to meet in a classy restaurant named Amarillo in Madrid the following day.

I was a lot more than a little anxious, come the following evening, despite Domina Amanda’s attempts the night before, to reassure me. I couldn’t help but worry. What if this Domina Amanda was a web stalker, and far worse what if she turned out to be male! What if she did things to me the I really did not finish and I was in no position to stop her. As I was changing for the evening these worries turned to enjoyment coupled with apprehension. So called pre match nerves had set in.

I turned up at the restaurant 10 minutes earlier and took a seat in the bar. I was excitedly scanning the room but attempting to seem casual. There was no sign of any person I thought could be Domina Amanda but there was an unusual man with a seedy look about him, I thought kept glancing over the cardboard of his at me and looking back when I saw him. This made me even more anxious. I has ordered a beer away from the barmaid, who also gave me an unusual appearance, and also attempted to relax. I was contemplating making and questioning all knowledge it at any time took place. No one would even know and I would never need to explain myself to Domina Amanda as I’d simply have to stay away from the chatroom to do so. I looked up towards the door and decided it was flight or fight time, but as I did so a tall, dark haired lady aproximatelly 30 joined the restaurant. She was gorgeous, had long slender legs and also had an certain confidence and aura about her that caused heads turning as she passed. I dismissed her as being Domina Amanda since she was at the same time good looking as well as lets face it why would a lady that way take a chance, meeting some guy she did not realize in a restaurant. Nevertheless, I watched her anyway. She took a seat at the bar, ordered a drink and confidently scanned the room. As our eyes met I saw the look of her and I quickly were away, thinking this couldn’t possibly be her and in case it had been I was way from my league. I recognized her approaching out of the corner of the eye of mine and then did start to get the butterflies. I looked up and she said Andrew I presume. She pulled away a chair and sat down opposite me. It was obviously a rhetorical question, she just knew it had been me by the state of mine of nervousness. I am Domina Amanda she said. Her perfume drifted over towards me and the rather smell gave me a rush of adrenaline. It was only now I got an actual look at the individual herself. She was wearing a tight dark skirt and matching coat with a gray, almost see through blouse underneath. She’d on dark nylons that were obviously very top quality along with a pair of black shiny stilettos with straps that wrapped around the ankles of her. She has taken away a cigarette and lit it, seductively exhaling. I was gobsmacked. I began wondering if she was a powerful executive in a big business. She informed me to unwind and we chatted for about half an hour to alleviate any nervous feelings I may have had and next headed in towards the dining area.

We had been seated near the rear of the restaurant inside a little circular alcove area. I was today at ease with this feeling in addition to being female pretty good about doing the. She sat down beside me and confidently crossed her long legs brushing them momentarily against mine. She then leaned over towards me and informed me that the fantasy had now started and which I ought to mention her just as Domina Amanda in the future. She motioned to a waitress and then proceeded to order. She has ordered me a steak and herself a pasta recipe then turned to me as well as said that’s OK for you is not it.

It wasn’t actually a question, more of a statement. of course I replied.

sure, what?

I looked up at the waitress, that was extremely appealing herself (and also about 18 years old), and then back at Domina Amanda.

yes Domina Amanda, I mumbled, I can feel my cock swelling now.

that is much better, she smirked back. I looked up as well as found the waitress holding back a laugh. I felt extremely humiliated.

As the waitress left with our order Domina Amanda reached directly into the bag of her and lifted out a pair of dark pantyhose and black satin panties.

You will take these, go for the toilets and publish them on under the trousers of yours, she stated, a little too loud.
they are well put on panties and, since you can likely smell, are unwashed.

I blushed and mumbled to her an erection was had by me and couldn’t get up to drop by the bathroom just yet, but before I can conclude she cut me off saying Now!

I walked through the crowded restaurant with my trousers tenting against my now bulging hardon. I tried desperately to look normal hoping to never attract some attention as well as hoping to conceal the women’s underwear in my hand. A couple of the girls in the restaurant stared at me with varying responses also I passed the waitress of ours who smiled mischievously at me, then, noticing the erection of mine, she laughed out loud. She turned fast to tell among another waitresses and I hurried out of the dining area and through to the bar before they can see.

I got to bathroom and locked myself in a cubicle. I started taking off my shoes as well as attempting to balance on them whilst removing my trousers, so not to stay on the moist floor. I wobbled a number of times crashing in on the edge of the cubicle, making a great deal of sound. I removed my good boxer shorts and examined the satin panties. There had been a large white stain on the inside and I can smell Domina Amanda’s musky odour from them. I slipped them on and attempted to get comfortable. I finally had an entire erection once more and experienced the urge to masterbate, but decided against it as I didn’t know what she’d in store for me later on. I was not sure of how to really wear them and after trying both hanging out right side and the left, settled on having my erection pressed up against my stomach. along with the panties over it, stopping halfway up. I then pulled on the pantyhose and then stopped looking down at myself. The pantyhose received a glorious sheen to them and were clearly similar kind Domina Amanda was wearing herself. I was extremely switched on. I pulled on the trousers of mine again and the shoes of mine and left returning to the family table of mine, making my boxer shorts on the bathroom.

When I returned Domina Amanda was wearing a knowing laugh. I still had a complete erection also I was fighting off an ever growing orgasm which had began welling the moment I had began walking back. An unexpected side effect around the satin panties and the panyhose rubbing against my penis as I walked. I sat back down relieved that I didn’t must go anymore. The food arrived soon after, delivered this period by a different waitress, likewise putting on the same smirk as the end one. As she set down my food I noticed her glance at my trousers clearly taking a look at the reports of the erection of mine, although it was neatly tucked against my stomach held installed by the underwear. She caught the eye of mine as she backed up with her somewhat disappointed grin then looked at Domina Amanda.

I make him don my underwear. she said, never ever taking the eyes of her off the shocked waitress. He likes it.

I was absolutely stunned by the humiliation and this remark was unbearable. I might feel the heat off my face and diverted my eyes away from the woman.

The waitress attempted to smile politely and it just about broke in to a laugh. She turned and headed back towards the kitchen area clearly dieing for breaking the news to the various other waitresses.