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Femdom cock and ball torture

Listening is not your best feature schreeuwd Angela at her slave. Alex may not do much good and must only pay with pain! Tepeklemmen first and then be clamped are balls. Lick the floor lazy dog! The task is clear. Alex must obey or he will spend hours chained in a cold basement into a steel rack!

Femdom cock and ball torture, cbt, for Alex and Gert


Photo by Devildommes.com

It’s almost Christmas, Gert, I’m going to make a beautiful Christmas tree balls.
The clips prints off on your scrotum baby? No, OK ON THE GROUND! I have been nice enough, lick my feet! Gert precisely follows the commands of his mistress. Are you absolutely good for nothing! Gert must be ready mistress lick and should not aanzichzelf. brrr