Serving Mistress Amanda – Pt4

yes Domina Amanda. I said and obeyed the command of her. As I knelt on all fours before them, I can really feel the short dress riding in place over my ass bearing it to them in the mirror. Julia then moved across the bed and started the thighs and legs of her, stopping with her pantyhosed pussy inches from the experience of mine. I could smell the fragrance of her which was driving me wild.

Domina Amanda then moved from the bed beside me. Are you able to notice her, slave? she requested, are you able to smell her moist pussy?

Yes Domina Amanda I said breathlessly, now dieing to bury my face heavy between the legs of her.
Move your nose closer, slave but don’t kiss her. Rub your nose against her covered pussy. I obeyed dying opening the mouth of mine and get caught in.

Julia began moaning softly and I carefully opened the mouth of mine and brushed my tongue against the mound of her. Suddenly I experienced an almighty crack across the ass of mine and searing pain.

I said no kissing ,slave stated Domina Amanda, I looked again and she was having a brief whip with many tassels. Stand up! she said

As I stood up, Julia smiled at me and giggled you are a poor female.

I turned to face Domina Amanda leery of her punishment. You need pussy do you slave? Healthy you may just get it.

Domina Amanda nodded at Julia and I felt Julia’s Hands on me from behind taking me back onto the bed, my skirt rising, exposing my hard cock via the pantyhose.

Its clear you cannot be trusted slave.

Julia moved over me and also sat down on face. I struggled but her thighs and legs have been pressed down on the arms of mine & I could not go.

That is the reason I am having Julia restrain the arms of yours.

I might think Julia’s hand going across my chin pulling my face tougher directly into the groin of her. Moaning and grinding as she did very. She started tugging at her nylons attempting to tear them open. I then experienced Domina Amanda climb on the bed and remain on top of the half on the thighs of mine. I experienced her pulling my pantyhose down carefully to expose the upper part of the cock of mine. I then read yet another picture being taken. Julia finally received her pantyhose ripped open and was currently grinding her wet panties directly into the mouth of mine, her ass decreasing onto the nose of mine. Her moaning was growing louder and her breath even more frantic.

Ohhhhh yeah you slut, yeah she groaned. Her panties began gradually slipping on the edge and I might really feel her warm skin pressing against me. She impatiently pulled them aside exposing herself completely and her juices flowed onto my facial skin and mouth. I can barely breath and started fighting for air flow, but my wriggling just excited her more. I then experienced Domina Amanda stroking my erection gently saying there a great slut. Julia was starting to grind the ass of her on me aswell, pressing the rectum of her down hard onto the nose of mine plus her smells had been blending in concert to present a glorious musky odour which brought me on the brink of ecstasy. Domina Amanda then elevated the legs of mine and Julia held them firmly in place. I heard Amanda stand up and walk across the room and pick something up. I could not tell what though I was struggling to breath at the moment. I noticed Julia laugh then and ecstatically moan many more. I felt very weak with the foot of mine in the atmosphere, and I experienced hands grab the pantyhose. They had been pulled as much as the knee of mine then the fingers pulled the satin panties, they’d created me use, to the edge subjecting the ass of mine. Julia’s moaning had considered screaming and Domina Amanda was thinking that is it, amuse the good friend of mine, like a neat small slut.

I then experienced an greased finger around the rectum of mine and after that pressing carefully until it slipped in to the ass of mine and out again. Next, extreme coldness directly on the rectum of mine and after that right inside as she pressed on an ice cube until it popped inside me. I then experienced the hand of her on the cock of mine once again pulling very difficult this time. I can feel my cock swelling up ready to burst and I felt Julia orgasm. Her wetness flowed onto me and directly into the mouth of mine, the point of my nose pressing right directly into the ass of her. I then shot the load of mine in probably the most intense orgasm I have previously had and started to black out.

When I came to, I was strapped on the bed unable to go. I can listen to Domina Amanda and Laughing. and julia talking Welcome back, slave! How is my plaything feeling?

I looked across the room and also watched a video camera established on a tripod, aiming right at me. Domina Amanda Had changed and was using red hot pants along with a firm white top and black high heels. The pantyhose I was using were now long gone and I was today dressed in dark stockings instead moreover the stilettos were definitely replaced To my shock horror my legs had been shaved and also were very feminine. But the dress was pulled down to deal with my now flaccid penis and scrotum. My cock ached slightly but at minimum it was not noticeable on the videocam. But for the way long?

Well slave, we’ve surprise for you? You are not completed yet! Do you enjoy your brand new legs? Now you are like a true slut! I watched Julia are available in and she place beside me over the bed toying with the big buttons on my womans top. She was wearing black colored stockings today as well and also the same black high heels I was. her pert breasts have been uncovered past an open white shirt.

We made you come and today you need to get back the favour Domina Amanda said. I might think Julia’s breath on the neck of mine and was starting getting aroused once again. She gradually started to kiss my neck seductively and softly and my oncoming erection was rather painful as I would previously cum two times this evening. Domina Amanda went to the little black bag of her and has taken away a big black strap on dildo. I attempted to protest but was told to turn up.

It is just fair said Julia she made you come, so now you need to get back the favour. She continued kissing my neck gradually undoing my top until it was opened exposing the bra and fake breasts they would supplied me. I struggled on the bed although handcuffs had been very firm and did not provide lots of leeway. Domina Amanda started to strap on the dildo

You’re likely to draw my you, slave, and cock better make a great job of it.

Amanda got on the bed and crawled slowly up dragging her dildo up the entire body of mine as she went. She stopped it at the high and placed it between my breasts squeezing them around it making the fear and fear last that little longer. She was loving the moment. The calm before the storm. I watched Julia get off of the bed and go across to the additional one laying back and opening her thighs and legs gently.

Domina Amanda said open up, slave. She then straddled my shoulders and face and also fixed the dildo on my lips. Kiss it gently. I apprehensively started kissing this great black colored dildo and also she laughed. great, great that is it. mmmmm. Now suck it gradually, ooohhh yeah. I started sucking this particular cock and I looked over towards Julia who had now slipped the hand of her inside the panties of her and was starting to breathing deeply.

ohh you’re great. You have to have sucked a great deal of cock before ,slave. Perhaps I will invite more of my buddies round and also you are able to suck several genuine cock. Pleasure almost all of the pals of mine.

She required hold of the rear of the mind of mine and started thrusting herself in to me. Fucking my faster, faster, and mouth. I noticed Julia moaning gently ohhh he really loves it, Amanda. His cock is rock hard. Try giving it to him like the whore he is….Mmmmmm. Domina Amanda began moaning and explained she was going to come. She and then pulled he cock from the mouth of mine and squeezed it hard. Cum splashed all over the face of mine, shocking me and causing me to flinch. Domina Amanda laughed.

She unlocked the handcuffs of mine and explained to stand up. I obeyed and once again I struggled to help keep the stability of mine in the high heel black stilettos. The dildo was removed by amanda and place back on the foundation.

Take off my hot pants, you slave. and you should keep the sense of balance of yours. Walk with a little elegance and dignity. I tentatively walked over to her as well as bent over her. Julia was behind me on the opposite foundation consistently masturbating ohh, you look soo good in that stuff. Your hot legs, silky and smooth so. mmmmmm. I caught a glimpse of myself within the mirror and noticed myself dressed as a slut, cosmetics and most. I gradually pulled off Domina Amanda’s Hotpants and noticed she was wearing nothing underneath. I stood upright once again and she lifted her best showing me the breasts of her. A leg was raised by her and also pulled me better with it, along with the opposite foot caught a heel in to the pinnacle of the leg of mine. I yelped in pain. She lowered the hand of her between the legs of her and explained to remove the dress. I duly obeyed and she started rubbing her glorious pussy carefully, arching the back of her as she did very. She raised the other hand of her around the breasts of her and started moaning. my cock started growing once again at the website of the lovely female teasing me.

You need me, do not you? I observe your hardon. Can it be sore, slave?

yes Domina Amanda I replied.

That is since you are such a terrible slut plus cannot say no. Get on the knee of yours.

sure, Domina Amanda I knelt down.

She pulled my mind between her legs. Now stroke and lick…… the legs of mine with the hands of yours. The way you cannot touch yourself.

I started licking and kiss the pussy of her and she had with her breasts whilst moaning and barking out instructions. She then looked to Julia and said Julia, strap him up.

I looked up at her and also she pulled the head of mine back in, this time putting the legs of her over my shoulders rubbing then against my mind and utilizing them to pull me back in in case I got of line.