Serving Mistress Amanda – Pt2

We ate our food talking casually with different sexual undertones, the discussion broken only by the different waitresses coming up to check specifically how our food was. As I was nearing the end of my steak Domina Amanda casually, and without breaking the conversation, reached under my napkin plus fondled my cock making me swell once more. She then undid the fly of mine and reached in to the mass of underwear taking the head of the cock of mine out. It was still undetectable through the napkin, although I felt extremely exposed. She then eliminated the hand of her and were up, nodding to the waitress that we were finished the meal of ours. The napkin didn’t do much to hide the erection of mine and I was ordered to keep the hands of mine on the dinner table and to not attempt to cover myself. As the young waitress cleared our plates she looked down towards the lap of mine but provided no actual reaction. I was not sure in case she’d seen or not. She professionally asked if we’d love to see the desert menu and I felt Domina Amanda’s hand slowly moving up my leg and under the napkin. I tensed up instantly and tried desperately not to grip the table cloth. She gently and subtly took a hold off my cock and after that pretended to consider the thought she would been made, whilst lightly scrubbing her thumb under the eye of mine. This small movement was much more than sufficient to send me over the advantage and I shuddered in an intensive orgasm as I felt warm cum flooding along the shaft of the cock of mine and in to my trousers. She glanced at me for a moment before expressing to the waitress no thank you, I’ve one more thing in your mind for desert. Just take me the bill.

When the waitress turned her back Domina Amanda slipped the cock of mine back inside plus zipped me back up. My cock and balls happened to be soaked with cum also it had run between my cheeks settling around my rectum. She removed the napkin and wiped her hand on it like it was simply some sauce from her meal.

We paid up as well as left the restaurant and there had been a kind of waitresses on the way in which out who said politely goodbye and also looked at me with probably the kinkiest of smirks. I couldn’t look at virtually any of them as we passed. We had taken a taxi to her lifeless and arrived aproximatelly 20 minutes later. We got out and she paid the taxi driver. We stopped and kissed before entering the foyer, a slow, deep sexy kiss also she pulled me tight to her so my swelling cock pressed against her hips. Once inside we moved to the lift. The inside of the lift was very polished brass and was almost like a gold mirror. She pressed the button for floor eight and the doors closed. Immediately she turned and started kissing me, pressing me hard up against the edge of the lift. She dropped her hand down the back of my trousers, under the pantyhose, then simply in on the panties.

mmmmm my panties actually feel so good on you. Simply wait until we receive upstairs to know what I have in store for you.. With that she pulled my cheeks apart and pressed the finger of her hard up against my rectum. I’m going to ensure you are my servant and plaything for a long time to come. She then pulled the hand of her out and backed off, ignoring me completely as if waiting patiently for the lift to reach its floor. I was unbelievably turned on and it visibly proved in the reflection of the doors. I also attempted to act normal however, I was convincing no one.

When we got to the plush smooth she ushered me to the bed room and explained to delay there then left the kitchen. She was clearly very well off and it showed. It was a large room, the right side had a large double bed completely finish with a barred headboard, and a single bed beside that. I believed this very curious but dared not ask. A wooden bedside table sat between the two.Opposite that was a walk in attire with mirrored doors. I looked over to the far facet of the home. There had been a business as desk, extremely classy, by using a green leather high set in to the wood. Many documents happened to be scattered about and I wondered if the estimate of mine of her being a powerful business lady happen to be properly. The chair was a large natural leather swivel chair with wheels. Behind the couch and desk was really a floor to ceiling window running the extensive duration of the home. There happen to be different underwear and shoes lying all around the spot and it smelt vaguely of her perfume. Whilst I was surfing around the room I saw the voice of her behind me.

OK slave, take off your jacket, trousers and shoes

I turned and looked at her. She’d removed her jacket and was currently transporting a small black bag, and that she set on the little bed. I removed my coat and shoes, and began taking off the trousers of mine. She strode confidently strode past me in her taller heels, her purfume catching the focus of mine once more and also took up position in the seat of her. As I stood there before her wearing just her pantyhose and panties, my white shirt and a throbbing erection, she smiled.

come over here slave. she said as she lit up a cigarette. sit on the work desk of mine and distribute your legs..
yes Domina Amanda. I replied obediently.

I walked over to the desk and hopped up on the table face her. She leaned supported towards the window and also crossed the long legs of her. Exhaling seductivley as she did so

pull the top part of your pantyhose down so I are able to see your cock, slave

I did so, worrying if any body could see in these large windows.

You like to watch me smoke, do not you? How my lips softly yank at the butt. It turns you on.

Yes Domina Amanda. It turns me on a lot.

Good, I would like watching you squirm. she said as she stood up and kissed me deep and long. At that very moment I’d do anything at all she expected of me. In my opinion I can do a thing with you she said.
She pointed to the closet and also said to start it. I walked over and opened the door. Inside I saw lots of her clothing and wigs, shoes and outfits. She got up and moved towards me brushing past me as she went. She lifted away a brief black miniskirt, a black bra (with fake breasts), a pair of large black heels and a tight black top that buttoned down the face.

Put these on slave she said I will choose you a wig

I obediently started dressing and before I can finish off there was a knock at the door. She answered the door and I was seriously seeking to go far from the doors line of site but Domina Amanda told me to stay put.

When the door opened in walked a tall blonde girl. She was stunning. Her hair was long and she’d pretty dark eyeliner on, giving her the most attractive eyes I’d seen in a long time. Domina Amanda introduced her as Julia.

Julia this is my slave. I am going to dress him as a lady and humiliate him before obtaining him pleasure me. Would you like to help?